Today marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of British artist, L S Lowry, famous for his depictions of northern industrial landscapes and working life, and his matchstick men and matchstick cats and dogs:

Laurence Stephen Lowry was born on 1 November 1887 at No. 8 Barrett Street, Stretford, Manchester.  The first census record that he appears on is the 1891 census, which was taken on 5 April.  He is recorded as a three year old with his parents, Robert Stephen McAll Lowry and Elizabeth, both aged 33 and both born in Manchester.  Robert's occupation is a Land and Estate Agent Clerk. and the family is shown to be living at the same address as Lowry's birthplace  Below is an extract from the 1891 census:
The next census in L S Lowry's life was taken on 31 March 1901.  He is recorded as a 13 year old schoolboy, with his parents, now aged 43, living at 14 Pine Grove, Rusholme, Manchester.  A domestic servant, Lucy England (aged 20) born in Urmston, is living with the family.  The 1901 census extract is below:
The most recent publicly accessible census taken on 2 April 1911, shows Laurence aged 23 and an Accountants Clerk, living with his parents at 117 Station Road, Pendlebury, Swinton, Manchester.  A domestic servant, Alice Powell, aged 23, who was born in Shropshire, shares their home.  The census extract is shown below:
"We went to Pendlebury in 1909 from a residential side of Manchester, and we didn't like it. My father wanted to go to get near a friend for business reasons. We lived next door, and for a long time my mother never got to like it, and at first I disliked it, and then after about a year or so I got used to it, and then I got absorbed in it, then I got infatuated with it. Then I began to wonder if anyone had ever done it. Seriously, not one or two, but seriously; and it seemed to me by that time that it was a very fine industrial subject matter. And I couldn't see anybody at that time who had done it - and nobody had done it, it seemed."

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