The physical appearance of an ancestor can only be truly obtained from photography or a portrait.  The next best thing would be a written description.  These can be found within some army enlistment documents.

Take the example below.  This is from the enlistment documents for William Cooper, dated 5 February 1896, when he was examined to determine his fitness to join the Royal Artillery of the British Army.

He is declared “fit” by the army surgeon:

and is also measured and the following description is given:

  • Age: 19 years and 6 months;
  • Height: 5 feet 8 and a half inches;
  • Weight: 147 lbs;
  • Chest: Minimum 35 and a half inches;
  • Maximum expansion: 38 inches;
  • Complexion: Fresh;
  • Eyes: Blue;
  • Hair: Brown;
  • Religious denomination: Church of England; and
  • Distinctive marks: “Small mole left side of neck 1 inch below the collar bone”

So, why the picture of actor Kiefer Sutherland? Well, although a bit older than William Cooper, Kiefer has the same height, weight, eye and hair colour as our 1896 recruitee.
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In memory of all those who fell in battle.  Relatives in our thoughts this Remembrance Sunday who lost their lives in the First World War, include:

John Wilson, Private 14398 - 8th Battalion Devonshire Regiment
Killed Loos, France, 25.9.1915, aged 20

Arthur Wheelhouse, Sergeant 731 - 7th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment
Killed Ypres, Flanders, Belgium, 26.8.1916, aged 33

Leonard Jackson, Private 31272 - 18th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers
Killed Somme, France, 1.6.1918, aged 27

James Haslam Holt, L/Cpl 35737 - 22nd Battalion Manchester Regiment
Killed Vicenza, Italy, 13.7.1918, aged 33